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Cláudio Celso - Agreste

Inspired in the roots of baião - a rhythm from Northeast Brazil - which, unlike the samba and bossa nova, still remains internationally unknown.

Gutsy Bluegrassy Brazilian roots music - Agreste is all of that with a twist -  a unique blend of modern chords to it without loosing its wild nature.


Cláudio Celso - A Brazilian Cool Jazz Experience

As the title describes, this album is made of the delightful textures found in bossa nova and modern jazz.

Cláudio Celso - Alpha Solaris

Contemporary 21st Century Music

Electric guitar and band describing musically the lonely journey of an astronaut who leaves Earth in search of a habitable planet for human race.

In a Sci Fi mood this music is influenced by Brazilian baião rhythm blended with soft rock over jazzy chords and suitable melodies.

Cláudio Celso - AXIS MUNDI

Suite For Guitar And Orchestra

Symphonic sounds mixed with electric guitar and also at times with acoustic steel string guitar backed up by electric bass, keyboards and drums.

A modern version of the popular concert format for violin and orchestra except that the electric guitar takes the role of what the violin used to do for centuries.


For many years, Vocalist Alex Cobos has been the lead vocalist in a local band called "CLOCKWORK" in the city of Miami, Florida U.S.A.

This single has a song in English and Spanish which Alex wrote and sings lead vocals in a new solo project titled "AC13". Song is titled: "Here We Are" In Spanish: "Aqui Estámos".

SiMetRia Parte A  Parte B

“SiMetRiA” is a feel of Modern Brazilian Instrumental Music and the result of an epic recording session at “CD Audio Studios” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The session happened where the late Arthur Maia (a Brazilian bass legend) alongside with Drummer extraordinaire and Producer Manny Monteiro plus Andre Willian and Flavio Medeiros both on Keyboards and myself on Guitar. This performance was probably “Arthur Maia" last recording on an instrumental project two weeks prior his passing away on December 15,  2018 .

I feel blessed to have had this honor of his Bass Guitar performance .


Cláudio Celso


Brazilian Music 


Acoustic Grassroots based with a twist: a blend of traditional chords with modern harmony changes and modulations without loosing the feel of the simple viola sertaneja - a Brazilian cultural treasure.


Acoustic Guitar - Claudio Celso

All songs written by Claudio Celso.

Recorded and produced by Alfredo Arauz at D,Arte Media Studios, Jan - Feb 2020.


Release Date: April 6,2020

Release Date: April 8,2020

Quilombo is 100% pure baião - a popular Brazilian style from Bahia (the cradle of Brazilian music and culture). 


Claudio Celso delivers in Quilombo an elaborated new vision in his updated and modernized baiao compositions tailored for his acoustic guitar.


Acoustic Guitar - Cláudio Celso

All songs written by Cláudio Celso

Live Percussion - Alex Teixeira in intro of “Caminho No Mato”

Produced and Recorded by Frank Miret at Red Rock Studios - Miami, Florida U.S.A. 

from Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

Mixed and Mastered by Alfredo Arauz at

D,Arte Média Studios - Miami, Florida U.S.A. - March 2020. 

Release date: April 10,2020

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